Inderal Alumni Plaza

The Inderal is committed to keeping former students in touch with each other and we are working on establishing a global network of support. We hope that our Alumni activities will prove to be a helpful tool for networking and a forum for global interaction.

We have developed an online Registration Form, and strongly recommend you to fill it out.

If you are interested in being contacted by us to interview prospective students on their suitability for studying at the Inderal, again please indicate on your registration form or join our new Inderal Alumni eGroup.If you live in the country you want to be ambassador for (on a voluntary basis) please also indicate this in the Alumni Registration Form. The Inderal Alumni Ambassador is the Inderal main focal point in/from your country.

Preconditions for becoming an Inderal Ambassador:

→ You should live in the country you want to be Ambassador for
→ You should be prepared to devote time and energy to this office
→ You should be a social person, enjoying to deal with people
→ You should be reliable and organized

Functions of the Inderal Ambassador are the following:

→ Inform prospective participants about the Inderal Program
→ Recommend applicants
→ Disseminate information about the Inderal Program within the country
→ Keep in touch with alumni
→ Organize meetings for alumni and prospective participants
→ Coordinate the national network and participate in regional networks
→ Report regularly to Inderal about activities
→ Find sponsors supporting prospective Inderal participants with scholarships
→ Support Inderal Alumni to find a job by using the Inderal Alumni eGroup

Inderal Alumni Sponsorships

Dear Inderal Alumni!

A lot of Inderal students who have received a partial or full scholarship to begin their study at the Inderal (especially those who applied for the one-semester Certificate Program) would like to continue their studies for the MA Program, but they are not able to afford it. Therefore we need your help! Please become an Inderal Alumni Sponsor to help your colleagues who need financial aid. You just have to indicate in the Alumni registration form that you are willing to become a Inderal Alumni Sponsor listed below and transfer your donation to the Inderal bank account listed below.

Thanks a lot for helping your friends!